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    After chastising the President, Anderson now has to not only eat crow, but if he finally comes out NOW he just looks like he was shamed into it.

    After all the years of equivocation, no comments, and rationalizations about everything else in his life can be talked about - his home, taking off his clothes for "news" segments and entertainment, and on and on - what can he say to explain why he has been such a loser about this.

    Oh sure, now that so many other have never even gone in the closet and others have showed courage in coming our on principle, what his line Kids have shown more integrity and honesty than this twit.

    I have this vision of millions of people walking in a gay pride march and Anderson crawling behind it after everyone else has moved on miles toward the finish..

    AC enjoys being condescending and a rich elitest. I find his whole circle of friends very strange. OP, you refer to his co-worker insultingly by using the c-word.

    I give AC credit. Very honorbale thing to do. But to play for a that chairty I have to respect him for that. I want to know about the big sighting that AC will supposedly be a part of on Saturday with another dude who is not Ben.

    That poster sounds like bullshit to me. Many who are gay are not public people. There is a totally different playing field for public figures than there is for the average person.

    They can be supportive of gay causes and issues and other gays in many ways. If everyone already knows AC is gay, then why does he need to publically announce it?

    Makes no difference to me at all. Why would you tell us that, R Do you really think that anyone cares if it makes a difference to you?

    When some kid in Idaho or Nebraska is being bullied in school and he sees Cooper, who "everyone" knows is gay, hiding in a closet it speaks to that kid of gay shame.

    THAT is why people care Einstein, A public figure does not owe anyone private information about their personal lives. If they have a public job to do they should be allowed to do it without having to address this issue.

    The rest of us go on with our daily jobs and lives and do not have to disclose such information unless we choose to. Public figures should have the same consideration.

    Most call it a closet, I call it a right. Since "everyone already knows AC is gay" his private information is already out there. Should we repeat it a few more times for you?

    His private information IS public information. We are in an era of awful suicides by bullied gay youth, r You can report the news but when you comment on the news you become a commentator not a reporter.

    Hannity for being a douche has a frame of reference to be a commentator. We know he background, his relationship, his religion.

    The gen pop does not know. He protects that because he perpetuates the myth that being gay, being out, is bad. To pretend it does not exist, that he is not infact out, and gay is offensive.

    Someone is claiming that AC will be spotted out with some guy who will completely blow our minds. I confronted Anderson about his closeted life when I saw him at Starbucks last year.

    I was a little tipsy from partying the night before. He said we could drink it over his place. I fell to the floor.

    Before I knew what happened, Anderson was tearing at my pants, shredding my 2xist undies. With his good looks and upbringing he could have been a party boy insead of a man with multiple programs.

    Plus we all know he is gay - he has never denied it. Why does everyone carry on about his coming out, really what difference at this point would it make to anyone?

    Coming out is not for the benefit of Datalounge posters, you moron. R, I totally agree. I hope he stays on the air too. He has a calm, cool presence and tons of experience reporting over the years.

    AC coming out for a 13 year old gay boy in Idaho means jack shit. Please get over yourself. Many of these people are out in their private lives, they just choose not to make it public.

    That is for their parents should be dealing with. R Do you know every teenage gay boy or girl out there? But most people who are private choose to keep their most if not their entire lives private, too.

    And then on top of it, he blatantly attacks Obama over being "Cowardly" on the same issue. Rumor has it AC is going to come out on Jeopardy this week.

    AC is allowed to make whatever choices he wants and pretend that the glass closet is good enough, if he wants. Particularly now that the president has come out completely in favor of marriage equality and stated he wants DOMA repealed, Anderson Cooper has no credibility on this issue at all.

    She got 1 million plus, compared to his , viewers. To compare numbers at 8pm from 10 years ago to numbers from the same time slot now shows how ignorant you are about the evolution of TV viewing during the past decade.

    To somehow imply that this problem is to be blamed on Anderson Cooper is not only unfair his show still regularly gets the best ratings of that network , but also uneducated about this historical trend.

    The first 6 months showed marked gain in viewership during that time. Maybe you should give them a call and share your valuable insight instead of wasting your wisdom on an anonymous gossip site?

    Oh wait, I just realized that this is really about your quixotic obsession with Anderson Cooper, nothing else.

    Call your therapist instead, that should be more helpful. AC has been with CNN for over ten years and none of his shows have cracked the 1 million viewer mark.

    If your argument is that more people were watching CNN, surely he could have pulled in 1 million viewers. R you are the one obsessed about AC, steaming over the fact that Connie got better ratings than AC.

    No matter how you spin it, no matter how you explain it, no matter how you justify it the end result is the same. It seems that he needs to work harder to move up from TV personality to serious journalist.

    There were nights when AC would get a million viewers, though not on a nightly basis. Anderson Cooper cannot save the network all on his own.

    Changes need to be made at the management level, including the people in charge of program content. Bringing in Jautz has been the biggest mistake.

    I think it was a final straw for many viewers. And any more information on this supposed earth-shattering Anderson sighting on Saturday?

    You spin as bad as the press releases that CNN puts out. Why ruin this thread with the Connie Chung bull? The Connie Chung obsessed person started the thread at the link for that kind of talk.

    Because you Anderfraus keep insisting that AC is the only show that worked at 8PM, and that every other show failed. That Connie pulled in big numbers at 8PM, over 1 million to his , Perhaps this relationship posted in a previous thread continues now that Ben seems to be free from the closeted TV personality.

    I thought she had died and been buried many years ago. I think she lost all cred when she married that Povitch idiot And your spiritual spawn.

    Has anyone even thought about Connie Chung in 10 years? Connie did better at 8pm than Anderson. Connie is gone and CNN is a mess.

    Will you people please make up your mind. I was crowned the "Connie Chung apologist troll" in the other thread. My first mention of Connie Chung in ten years at DL.

    It cheapens the product. Wolf, John King and Erin get better ratings than him some nights. That should tell AC fans something Sad Ac is getting his celeb friends to try and encourage people to watch on twitter DVF tweeted for women to watch his show at 8 p.

    Pathethic ploy by AC. Anyway, R gave the definitive explanation of why Anderson has a moral obligation to come out. We can just refer back to it when we get another clueless queen asking why he needs to come out.

    Any pics of the guy? Another tough night last night. Sitting in 4th place behind Nancy Grace. CNN needs to make drastic changes, they have to be losing money on this guy.

    They plug him like crazy on CNN but no one is watching. A clip from Anderson made The Soup last night. Gloria Vanderbilt was on again and they were talking about spanking kids.

    Anderson said that he only remembers his father spanking him once. Then cut to Joel McHale taking the Anderson role and still giggling. Are you sure it was dad?

    I think AC and Ben are just living their lives and no one is taking pics. And Ben is hiding from the photographers.

    Why is it that the posters who are constantly bashing AC on these threads are the very same people who keep claiming that he and Ben have broken up?

    Inquiring minds want to know. You were one of the first artists to have an intense and noticeable gay following. At what point in your career did you realize you had this legion of gay fans?

    From the beginning, my whole scene broke out in the gay clubs. It was really in the gay clubs the song took off - they really embraced that new sound.

    I have to give credit where credit is due. As a Christian, how do you reconcile your religious beliefs with your acceptance of the gay community?

    I just accept people for who they are. I think people have to do what they feel they have to do. So you love people for who they are and for their good qualities.

    There was a photo posted in another thread of AC posing with a twink in Brazil. In that last sentence, I did not write "his" twink.

    Where is the ratings AC? Is it because viewers got tired of the hype, or him being in the closet, daytime show?

    You people are crazy. Your obsession borders on psychosis. If anything, r, Anderson is MORE distracted now because he is constantly daydreaming about our sessions.

    And honestly, I dont believe Anderson has ever been with a dude who laid the pipe right! Ben and Cesar are losers.

    He is now my pinga slave! These animal heads are freaking me the fuck out. You always have all the facts and never exaggerate. Everyone knows you can be depended upon to always speak the truth.

    We need your important input to keep DL going. Feel better now, snookums? I wonder why refuse to answer this simple question. She has more news experience than AC.

    At least she worked as a reporter, unlike AC who has no reporting skills. I have blond hair and green eyes. My cock is almost 9 inches when it is totally hard.

    So yes, twinks can be hung. If you remember, Anderson created that whole controversy by complaining about the joke in the trailer.

    It showed he was willing to take a passionately pro-gay public stand. I saw tweets about that and a wrap party, but no mention of Ben or BF at all in anything I found.

    AC and Ben seem to know a lot of creative, enterprising people. Think about what you just said. AC was alone on his vacation fucking twinks in Brazil, Ben was not at his big ole gay party absolutely no pics , no pics or tweets of them working out together, and Ben was also spotted at his club during the party AC threw for Andy dancing with a dj.

    And now someone saw Ben with another guy at the Equality NY dinner. Also recently AC has been bragging about eating breakfast, lunch and dinner in his office alone.

    Sweetie that more than enough proof. Basically the information we have is that Ben was at his club throwing a party for someone while AC was at the Maritime hotel at his wrap up party for his daytime show.

    This hardly screams they are together. Actually it is making the point they they are NOT together. Yet again proof that AC is flying solo.

    Did anyone else find any? I beg to differ sweetie. Put up or shut up. I find it rather suspicious that the posters who are always criticizing AC are the same that want to convince everyone that he and Ben are no longer together.

    I find it rather suspicious that the "always criticizing AC" accuser is now the one to announce that Ben was at the wrap party. OTOH, there is absolutely not one shred of evidence that Ben is living in the firehouse.

    The ongoing threads on this ugly, closeted albino are bizzare. Summer means AC and Ben sightings, either in the city or on vacation somewhere.

    No doubt there will be tons of photos and sightings just like we saw from their vacation in Brazil a few weeks ago. I expect pics this summer.

    Thanks for that Jake Shears quote r Wednesday, AC still in 4th place. CNN nees top do something to gain respect back.

    The hypocrisy is the one thing I dislike about Kathy Griffin. Why is Clay Aiken ridiculed and taunted but Anderson Cooper is sheltered and spared?

    It will be the most shocking Anderson sighting ever. I always felt bad for Clay. Between Ripa and her, they treated him like shit. To be honest, that whole crew Anderson and Andy Cohen included seems very high school.

    I know that R, but I love throwing in how much Anderson hates Obama, because he does for some crazy reason.

    A Cave Full of Ghosts. Plus, country singer Clint Black and his wife, actress Lisa Hartman Valley of the Dolls , share their secrets for a lasting marriage.

    Then, a group of horrified Moms weigh in on this bad behaviour. How many cohost does he need? Is he that boring that he needs one or two cohost or a cohost?

    But I have to say I respect that he chose Trevor Project to play for and he did so openly. It was an honorbable thing and he did well.

    He is very smart and he probably contributes a lot of money to LGBT causes all of the time. Is it out of guilt?

    And gay men are still too silly, sex-obsessed, immature, and not serious or smart enough for AC to become their poster boy. Regardless of how he leads his personal life.

    Tune in Fox at Eleven for the full story. Because I made the mistake of posting the siting on DL, Anderson stayed low key for most of the day.

    Unfortunately I have to now lay low as not to be outed and denied access to the inner circle. I am truly sorry and wish that it would have happened.

    It was to have been epic. The Trevor Project needs MORE money to do absolutely nothing of substance trust me, their stated mission in no way mirrors how they operate.

    Even when he does something symbolically supportive of the gay community, he manages to fuck things up. He joined a specialized school for pilots when he was fifteen.

    Hal was very skilled in the matter and quickly became a very good test pilot for the Air Force. Months later, he was in flight with his comrades when the red bubble appeared right in front of him and absorbed Hal by passing through the plane like a ghost would do.

    Right now, the army should have found his plane crashed in the middle of the sea with no one inside and wondering how Hal could have disappeared like that.

    If only they knew about Darkseid, Hal would be the last thing in their minds. Victor was probably the one who was the less affected by his kidnapping.

    He seemed to have suffered a lot in his life and before the kryptonians kidnapped him, he was completely alone. He spent all his childhood in Granville near Metropolis, his young years were calm and full of happiness when one day, his parents, his little sister and he had a car accident a few weeks before his eighteenth birthday.

    They all died in the accident except him. In fact, when he woke up, he found himself being tied on an operating table and a crazy scientist telling him he had saved him.

    In reality, the guy had replaced all his damaged organs by robots parts. Now, most of his body was composed of metal and wires.

    The scientist turned out to be paid by the one and only Lex Luthor who had had found a test subject for his newest project in Victor. Fortunately, thanks to the help of a laboratory assistant, he succeeded to evade the lab he was being held in.

    The cyborg then went to find his girlfriend Katherine and they together fled and hid from Lex. It nearly destroyed him.

    Not caring about his safety anymore, he went back to Metropolis where he lived as a homeless for months, wandering alone in the dark streets of the city and waiting for death to get to him.

    At one point, he was captured and sent on Sedna. He was from far, the most destroyed of them. The speedy-guy was born in Chicago were he spent his first thirteen years peacefully with his family.

    One day, an unexpected event changed his life forever. He ended up drinking a strange red drink which tasted like a horrible chemical substance.

    Having a hard time breathing, he exited the lab with difficulty and crawled in the middle of an empty street nearby, hoping that someone would see him.

    A few minutes earlier, a storm a storm had risen and when Bart was feeling his last breath coming, a thunder struck him and he was magically healed from his breathing issue.

    Feeling relieved and still not believing his luck, he happily ran back to his home but, oddly his legs were kicking violently and he left his spot with an amazing speed, leaving behind him only a blur of red since he loved wearing this color.

    A few more tries later, he found he could run faster than light itself. Thrilled with this power, he used it all the time but his parents became afraid of him and a few weeks later, they kicked him out of home.

    Bart became a petty thief, in hope to survive he was stealing food. One night at Star City, Oliver found him enjoying the meal he had just stolen from a luxurious restaurant.

    The Green Arrow told him he was capable of doing much greater things than becoming a thief and managed to convince him to join his team.

    A year later, he was captured by the bubble when he was in Mexico, looking for the local food he was craving. He explained how quiet his life was till his parents were murdered in front of him by some drug addict.

    There he met Oliver. In a matter of weeks, the both of them became best friends and developed a brother-like relationship.

    But, after high school, Oliver was declared missing for two years and Bruce had to go to Princeton University. He asked Alfred to fund an expedition to seek for his lost friend, but the team showed up empty-handed several times.

    Later, his childhood friend, Rachel showed him how the city was affected by the economical crisis, and the main mobster of the city: Carmine Falcone was destroying everything his parents stood for.

    A few minutes later, he was running toward a boat in hope to leave America and travel around the world so that he could learn more about criminals and fight them.

    But, at that moment, he was kidnapped by the bubble. Most of their stories were unbelievable, they all shared several common points, they had all been abused by life at some point and were all going to stand for justice.

    Maybe they would have become a team, who knows? They all knew it would be the only good thing coming up on this hostile territory.

    A smile crept on their lips. They may be in deep trouble but at least, they were not alone anymore. The two words echoed in the cell as the wire doors were slammed open.

    From his position, Oliver saw by the corner of the eye the alien inmates quickly stand up before the soldiers. He figured they should do the same or things were going to get ugly for them.

    Steps were heard approaching, they were all wondering what the guards were here for as Basqat appeared in the room. He stared at the soldier, trying to see what was coming for him, he turned to look at his peers who all nodded in support and looked worried for him.

    As he dragged him towards the doors, the soldier looked at his subordinates and nodded toward the humans. General Zod wants them to watch.

    The humans were placed as spectators, in the middle of a hysteric crowd. People were yelling and going all crazy at two people engaged in a hand-to-hand fight in what could be defined as the fight zone, surrounded by the mass of people.

    The arena itself was pretty simple, it was delimited by barbed wires coming at knee-height, it was the only thing that stopped the spectators from invading the arena besides the guards who were probably kryptonians too.

    They arrived right at the moment when one of the fighters was given a dagger by a guard, the other one who apparently lost the combat was stabbed without pity right into the heart by the winner who after killing the guy threw his arms in the air, shouting cries of victory.

    It caused the crowd to go crazier and clamor even louder at him. Some of them where cheering the champion, other were cursing and insulting him, grabbing handfuls of sand from the ground and throwing it at him, in a pathetic attempt to hurt the winner.

    She pushed one or two people to take a closer look. She rolled her eyes at the sight. She should have known that none other than Zod was seated in this throne.

    The so-called General seemed to enjoy exhibiting his apparent superiority. The fighter knelt in front of him in a strange way, his left arm thrown behind his back and the other one across his chest, his fist right above his heart.

    That was the first time she saw someone kneel that way. The latter waved at his guards who led the fighter out of the arena, leaving it empty and making the crowd agitate in impatience.

    She could hear some people making their bets on the next fight when she eavesdropped two men talking about the fighters.

    And the other one? It was the first time he was going to see a human fight and die. This human was Oliver. You look so pale" Tess fussed when she reached her.

    Noticing Chloe was looking everywhere as if she were seeking for something, or someone. Tess turned round and saw Oliver being dragged in the arena.

    Tess nodded toward the arena, they all felt silent for a few seconds. Inside, was Oliver, standing alone and scanning the crowd.

    He was waiting for his opponent. Gone were his dark-blue and white striped dress shirt, his black pants and his expensive shoes. The business-like appearance he had had when he was kidnapped had been replaced by a used sleeveless shirt and jeans.

    It was the way the fighters were dressed, a simple outfit, unlikely to cause any trouble during the fight. A guard came to a halt in front of him and removed his handcuffs.

    The young hero patted his wrists as they were freed from the tight grip of the metal ties. He tried to figure out what was going on but she incessant cries of the excited crowd were getting him a headache and unsettling him.

    Turning round, he saw Chloe in the crowd, looking at him worriedly. Oliver moved toward her quickly but was stopped by one of the guards. He turned back toward the throne.

    In front of it, his opponent, who had just entered the arena, was standing calmly, thirty feet or so away from him. The guy was seriously imposing.

    The fighter had long dark-brown hair, a tailback beard and scornful eyes expressing all the rage bubbling inside of him that he was barely able to contain.

    He was the typical idea of the wrestler: A giant piece of meat ready to crack every bone in your body. Oliver was sure he was going to be deaf if he stayed for too long in this place.

    The guy turned his back on Oliver so that he was looking toward Zod. They exchanged a sadistic look and he nodded toward Oliver. Immediately, the giant looked back at him and laughed darkly as he paced slowly toward him despite the pressing cries of crowd who wanted more and more.

    He stopped when they were a few feet away from each other. Both turning into a circle around each other, both trying to decipher their opponent as the crowd was booing them in impatience, still shouting.

    Several dozens of seconds passed by slowly, the two fighters never breaking eye contact as they continued pacing in circle.

    Both of them were gauging each other, seeking in the eyes of the other any sign of fear or weakness. Finally, the guy lost his patience and attacked.

    Quickly, he thrust himself forwards. Oliver felt a strong fists grab his hair painfully. His head was forced forwards, giving his aggressor more access to his back.

    The next second, Oliver was sent on the ground by a hard elbow jab in his back. Gasping in surprise, Oliver tried to find his balance back by using his forearms as support on the ground.

    The pain on his back testifying of the immense strength of the man. The blond human laughed as he stood up. As quickly as he could, Oliver dodged the attack, moving sideway.

    Not giving the guy time to realize what was happening, he kicked him swiftly on the ribs, forcing him to cry out of pain. His right hand covering the hurt area of his body as he forced his tall frame up.

    He screamed in frustration and once again threw his figure toward the billionaire. Lifting him up, He furiously tossed Oliver in the air behind him.

    The crowd went all excited as Oliver landed on the floor with a dull thud. He tried to get on his feet but was kicked hard in the guts, forcing him to groan loudly as he felt the pain spread into his belly.

    Rolling on the ground, He tried to force some air into his lungs. A strong hand caught him again. The fighter lifted him up by the hair and elevated his unused fist in the air in purpose to hurt him more.

    Quickly, the hero snared his lower legs. Oliver groaned loudly as he transferred all his strengths in the task of lifting the lbs weighted frame of the bastard.

    Using his trained abs, the muscles of his lower back and his muscled thighs, he sharply pushed and leaped up. The next second, the guy felt himself being utterly lifted from the ground under the surprised noises of the people watching incredulously the scene playing before them.

    Oliver was holding the man up several inches from the floor, standing straight as he did support his weight. He bent in the air head forward as his weight was sent to his upper body, losing his balance he fell to the ground.

    His face hitting loudly the barbed wires delimiting the arena close to the crowd. A long piercing scream of pain and horror emanated from him as he felt his face being crushed by the barbed fences.

    The sharp points of the wire cutting deep into his flesh as easily as a knife would into a beefsteak. Blood flowing over the iron fence.

    Several people shivered as they tried to imagine the pain he was suffering. Oliver fell to his knees, exhausted.

    Supporting his upper weight with his arm pressed on the ground as his chest heaved rapidly, he felt heart beat incredibly fast in response at the effort he furnished to beat the fighter.

    Lifting a such weight had sucked all strengths out of him. He took deep breaths in purpose to calm his, now sensitive body. The man had been quite the challenge for him, and he had been once more given the occasion to prove his worth on the battlefield.

    Oliver lifted his head up as the crowd quickly adapted to the reversal of situation and already the first deadly requests were screamed.

    Oliver stood up, turned round and stopped dead in track at the sight of his opponent standing in front of him. He had managed to remove himself from the wires and stand up, anger dominating his bleeding features.

    One of his eyes was drilled and deep cuts were scattering his face, making him unrecognizable. Blood pouring from everywhere on his neck and chest.

    Screaming in anger he charged towards the blond human and grabbed him by the waist. Once again sending him flying in the air behind him.

    Oliver hit the ground once more. Suddenly realizing that he was willing to break his arm, Oliver reacted quickly. He grabbed a handful of sand and threw it in his already damaged face.

    The scornful combatant cried out of pain as the offending grains of sand came in contact with his only left eye and penetrated inside the several cuts on his face, accentuating the pain he was feeling.

    The man loosened his grip, letting Oliver fall backwards. Helped by the adrenaline pumping through his veins, the young billionaire gathered all his strengths left and stood up.

    No mercy for you, big fat slob! The guy had really unnerved him, he was not a doll he could threw around like that. His head hitting the pillar, sending him to the edge of unconsciousness.

    It caused the crowd to fall silent which had never happened before. Everyone was staring at him as Zod stood up and smiled from his elevated place.

    The crowd agitated once more, shouting and cheering from every side their leader. It was obvious those people were controlled by Zod.

    Zod descended the staircase from his throne and moved closer to Oliver, getting his dagger out of its sheath. Looking at him directly in the eyes, he pointed the dagger at the blond man before quickly turning and stabbing the loser of the fight in the heart, killing him outrightly.

    The crowd went crazy in response, cheering Zod for his kill as the latter looked back at Oliver. Zod laughed and began to walk away but stopped before even getting two feet far from him and turned back.

    The guards stepped toward him and led him out of the arena. On the way back to the cell, Oliver was stopped by his escort when they saw Kal approaching them, the same contemptuous look on his face that he had when they first encountered.

    Looking fixedly into the billionaire eyes, Kal smirked and spoke up. He decided not to think about it and first concentrate on recovering before heading to fight the kryptonian.

    They had been sent back in the cell a few minutes ago, they had seen Oliver fight against what should be called a real mountain of muscles but yet, he managed to win without any other weapons than his own hands.

    Of course, they had learned hours ago that their billionaire friend was the one and only Green Arrow which meant that his physical shape was almost, if not, perfect.

    Over the last year of partnership with Oliver, he had seen him doing things he never thought a simple human could do.

    The first time they went on mission together, they had to capture a mob boss of Star City who was heavily guarded.

    When they broke into the luxurious house, Bart was busy locating their target while Oliver had to take care of the guards. So while Bart was away, running around the villa, Oliver took down twenty-three guys alone in a giant fight inside the main hall.

    When the Flash came up with his target tied up beside him, he was still fighting against five men and still managed to knock them all.

    Seeing a green leather clad vigilante walking toward him with almost thirty bodies lying on the floor, had seemed completely unrealistic to the young speedster.

    Yet, it was real, Bart knew it too well. Before that event, he only thought this kind of things were possible in movies like Matrix or The Transporter.

    That very day, he was proven wrong by Oliver and at that moment, Bart swore to himself he would always respect his mentor, because he knew what he was capable of.

    Green Arrow always managed to accomplish his tasks as well as him, even sometimes better than him, without any powers.

    Oliver was the perfect example of what a plain human was capable of when it came to fights. That you have another power and it consist in seeing the future?

    In response, Bart only stuck his tongue out at her as the guards were dragging a very beaten Oliver. Everyone rushed to his side as he tried to get up.

    Oliver laughed in response and cringed as it hurt his already damaged ribs. I gotta back him up, since you appeared so unconvinced that he was going to make it!

    His smile faltered slightly at the pain displayed in her big green orbs before he forced a new smile on his face again and nodded.

    Chloe smiled weakly at him and looked at the others who were silently studying the two of them. They agreed and began helping him walk to the place indicated by the little blonde.

    Chloe breathed deeply, trying to control her emotions and spoke up again. Chloe and Oliver were alone in one of the few rooms in their cell.

    Thankfully, it had several rooms delimited by thin panels of woods, acting as walls. Oliver watched the young woman who was carefully tending his wounds on his chest.

    Her touch was gentle, almost hesitant, as if she was afraid of hurting him even further. All she had to nurse him was water, a few clean compresses and bandages yet, she did her best to tend him.

    It felt good for him to have a beautiful woman here, all for himself, who was almost completely bent over him with her hands on his body.

    Chloe had been carefully avoiding eye contact with him, in attempt not to show him her concern and pain but, it became more difficult as she moved towards the cuts on his face.

    Oliver felt her little hands shake as she was tending a cut on his bruised lips. He gently grabbed them, causing her to jump in surprise and look him in the eyes.

    She was making him crazy with her beautiful green orbs which looked at him tenderly. Neither of them ever breaking eye contact, holding their breaths, and slowly closing the gap between them.

    As Oliver was about to finally reach her lips, a high pitched sound coming from the next room where the others were gathered reverberated, causing them both to back away quickly from each other and increase the tension higher between them.

    In the room next to theirs, voices came through. You scared the life outta me dude! The grasshopper who had nearly bumped into Bart as they both came across each other in a corner of the corridor excused himself.

    Once again, Condo Arlik came to his rescue and talked for his friend to Bart. Chloe tended his wounds as quickly as she could while still making sure that her job was nicely done.

    When she was finished, Oliver tried to look into her eyes one more time but she cautiously avoided his gaze as she moved toward the exit. She turned toward him while still looking at her feet, offering him a shy smile before leaving and trying to dissipate the heat in her cheeks.

    Oliver smiled widely at the cuteness she was displaying when she felt embarrassed, before his face went darkened by frustration.

    He dropped his head down, letting it fall against the table he was lying on with a thud, and sighed loudly. Cursing after Bart and his unmistakable ability to ruin things without even knowing it.

    Oliver closed his eyes, savoring the fresh memories of the moment he had shared with Chloe while she was nursing him.

    He let himself fall into a restful and restorative sleep with the image of Chloe smiling at him in his mind. Tess noticed the little blonde leaving the room where Oliver was, and moving to a lone place of the cell where the red sunset could be seen.

    She saw her friend grabbing gently the wire fence as support and looking at the sunset. The redhead checked over Oliver who was apparently sleeping on that table, a grin on his lips.

    He looked much better now that Chloe has nursed him. She knew she would take good care of him. She reached her best friend as she heard her mumble something to herself.

    The little blonde was visibly having one of her usual internal struggles. Another yell of pain resonating in the room.

    Kal-El will discover his true origins sooner or later and you will fall! By my side as the good puppet he is! Grabbing his chin painfully, he forced him to look into his eyes.

    A hand over the knob, he turned towards the Martian a last time and grinned. And with that he left, locking the room and securing the door as another little blast of fire lightened up the room for a few seconds before disappearing again.

    He let his emotions take the better of him as he cried, salvaging him of twenty years of incessant torture, confinement and humiliation.

    He had an amazing amount of powers but none of them was good enough to help him escape this hell, even his telepathy.

    Yet, even after all this misery and powerlessness, he had a feeling he should have hope. Somewhere in his head, an almost inaudible voice told him that the arrival of the humans on Sedna was the first sign of the fall of the House of Zod and the rise of a new age of freedom, fraternity and happiness.

    Even if, this voice was probably wrong, it was the only thing that was left to him. Everything had been taken from him, even his family, and his race A few years ago Zod announced him that his entire birth planet had been razed over by an unknown but extremely powerful force.

    Everyone, every Martian had been killed, even his wife and his daughter. He had felt alone for years. Reduced to be the doll Zod used to ease his nerves on.

    The first red rays of Rao appeared in the horizon, announcing the start of another day on the planet. Another day full of rage, violence, and hate.

    A day similar to the past ones as well as the coming ones. The shining rays were slowly illuminating the sky, filling it with beautiful reddish colors, giving the Big Red a look of paradise, making it the perfect picture of peace.

    Under the surface was hidden the harsh truth. A reality which saw everyday dozens and dozens of people die and hundreds hurt, tortured and humiliated.

    For Kal, on the other hand, this rising day was full of promises. And this day had started in a very good way for him. Last night, he picked up two young women in the mass of the Sednians Zod had dominion over.

    They kept him entertained all night and this morning, they were going to be thrown back in the violent crowd of infected people. To Kal, they were just two more faceless girls on his list, they were no more to him than objects used to satisfy him.

    Everybody knew about that and no one, even Vala, seemed to care. The red light emanating from the sun came on his face, tickling his closed eyelids and slowly drawing him out of his sleep.

    When he opened his eyes, he found himself on his queen sized bed, two female bodies wrapped to his sides, offering him the heat of her bodies.

    He extricated himself out of bed and walked over to the huge tinted window of his bedroom. Admiring the sunrise, Kal smiled. He was living the great life, no restriction, no rules, he could do everything he wanted without having to report to anyone.

    Women were launching themselves at his feet, he and his parents were ruling an entire planet, he could have everything or everyone he wanted.

    He wanted something, he took it. It was as simple as that. The way Zod raised him had turned him into a heartless man, almost bloodthirsty. He had fought in the arena for years against the best opponents he could come across and he always won.

    He loved sensing the adrenaline pumping in his veins while fighting. But, he enjoyed much more the moment when he had to kill.

    He had the power to choose between life and death over the fighters and every time he killed one of them, he was thrilled. For several years, he had trouble finding his place in this new society but, after some time, he finally succeeded to get rid of this damn voice.

    At first, it became quieter and quieter till the day he eventually buried it in the depths of his mind, silencing it, forever he thought.

    He let his mind wander several seconds more on his life when he found himself thinking about the humans. They seemed arrogant, rebel and strong-headed.

    It was going to be exciting to break them, hurt them during the fights and eventually make them beg him to kill them.

    Kal felt a smirk creep on his lips. Today was going to be their first complete day on this planet. A planet which will become the place they will all die, one by one.

    And Oliver was going to be the first to experience the nightmare since he humiliated Zod in person. In the cells, the humans are waking up, their sleep interrupted by the screams of prisoners coming from different cells.

    Nights were cold and damp but still, it was silent. The "King" of Sedna had imposed his soldiers not to disturb the prisoners at night unless he gave them free hand about certain inmates.

    Kryptonians were often too attached to their leader to disobey him. Nevertheless, The peaceful that was dominating the nights was abruptly overtaken by new screams, cries of plea, pain, humiliation as soon as the sun was pointing in the horizon.

    For the humans, their first night on the Big Red had been steady. Yet, they stayed awake for most of it, watching seconds tick by slowly, very slowly.

    Checking if someone was going to surprise them during their sleeps but, no one came. After a few hours, exhaustion took over them and they drifted to dreamworld.

    The welcomed sleep came as a restful moment for them — and mostly Oliver. It is with those thoughts that the humans were woken up by the first piercing scream of the day.

    AC rose first, helping his comrades stand up, pulling them off the hay they were using as mattress. The others rolled their eyes at the scene before them.

    Despite their situation, it had the appearance of a familial moment. Perhaps, they needed moments like that to compensate with the violence of the world they were in.

    Oliver turned his head toward her and gave her a soft look. He raised an eyebrow at him as a silent question. Everyone stared at the offending basin in disgust and they sighed.

    It was another reminder that their past lives were definitely over. After an hour of talk, Condo proposed the humans to do some physical fitness.

    He assured them they would need it all if they wanted to survive in the arena. The aliens inmates, who had been there for several years already were good fighters and survived the combats they had to do, they all had to kill their opponent, it was painful memories to them.

    The humans were getting suspicious. This supposed "living hell" was way too calm for it to be real. Something was going to happen, they were sure of that.

    Time passed by till noon announced the collective lunch. The humans and their alien friends were sent to one of the communal cafeterias where all prisoners of Sedna shared lunch, or still, something that looked like lunch.

    As they entered the room, the noise of the cafeteria dissipated and every head turned towards the humans and especially, towards Oliver.

    Inmates looked like they were admiring him, judging by the gleam in their eyes while the guards had their jaws clenched and eyes narrowed with hate.

    The group stayed still in the entrance, not understanding what was happening. Each one of them looking in wonder the people seated in the tables.

    They all felt very uncomfortable as they were getting their food, one by one. Feeling all the looks on them, and the tense silence in the room were telling them to be very careful.

    Something bad could happen at any seconds in this kind of moments. Eying nervously from one side to the other, they desperately tried to understand why the people here were acting that way.

    He could feel the gazes intensify on his back. His heart was pounding so fast he could almost hear it. Sweat was dropping from his forehead.

    His body had never been so alerted, he was ready for the worst to happen right now. Trying vainly to focus on his tray, he realized with a few seconds late that it was his turn.

    He saw his friends move to an empty table and as he turned round slightly to see them better, he noticed the gazes were still on him.

    And only on him. He turned back toward the man who was serving meals in an attempt to avoid the faces of the prisoners and some of the guards.

    The young human tried his best to focus on the guard instead of the crowd who was peeking at him. The situation was frozen for a few seconds before the kryptonian decided to speak.

    Oliver did as he was told. He tended his tray to the guy who quickly ladled a bowl of flab mash. The food hit the tray with a disgusting plop as Oliver was eying it suspiciously before turning round to sit with his newfound friends.

    The guard was still right in front of him and was now standing there with barely restrained anger. It fell with a loud slam, spilling the mash all over the ground.

    Oliver froze and looked up from the floor to the guard with an irritated look. The soldier was now smirking with satisfaction as the other guards were encircling the billionaire.

    Clean it with your tongue, you worthless weak creature! Fear and apprehension freezing them on their seats as they all watched powerlessly the human being humiliated in front of them.

    The Green Arrow would never do that in his entire life, Oliver was stubbornly refusing to do as he was told.

    Seeing the brunette human running toward the kryptonians, the others decided to follow him. Pain was going through his bones, breathing became difficult as the pressure blocked the air from coming in his lungs.

    As he thought the guy was going to press his foot till it got into his body, he felt the pressure dissipate as a loud thud was heard. He had been tossed on the ground by the human.

    Anger bubbled again inside of him as he remembered no one else ever attempted to do that to him. Humans were clearly a race of rebels.

    Super-speeding toward his new opponent, the soldier knocked Bruce on the ground and began to punch him frenetically.

    Their friends, came over the group and began to attack the kryptonians. Jumping on them, punching, kicking vainly as their blows only came in contact with rock-like skin.

    Finally, the entire room was rushing towards the offending aliens the small fight becoming a general combat, producing an infernal din.

    The kryptonians, overpowered by the number of opponents, began to weaken. They might be made of steel by they still needed to breathe, and to see.

    Long several minutes of fight passed by, as the kyrptonians were about to lose, another group of them came by, backing them up.

    In a matter of seconds, the situation was back under control. The chief who had tried to force Oliver was now red with rage as he rushed again towards the blond human.

    Their heads turned toward a figure, standing in the doorway. It was a woman. Her body was still partially shadowed but everyone -apart the humans- knew who she was.

    Her voice caused their blood to froze, some bodies started to tremble. Oliver saw Coats gulp nervously as he rose to face her.

    Apparently, she was as dreaded as Zod himself in this prison. The man was suddenly silent, he walked a few steps back, giving Alia the occasion to lower herself close to Oliver and Bruce.

    Seeing no reaction from his side, Alia entered in his personal space. Slowly walking back while maintaining her gaze, Coats left the room, accompanied by his soldiers.

    Leaving Alia smirking at her victory. Turning back to the humans, she watched them slowly, savoring the sight of them all knelt before her like they did before Zod.

    Ordering her guards to bring the prisoners back to their cells. The walk way back to the cell was silent. Bart was starving, his stomach emitting hungry noises, he felt himself starting to weaken.

    His super-metabolism obliging him to eat at least five times more a day than a normal human. Once they were back inside their cage, Bruce, who had been the most beaten one, was cleaning his wounds with the help of Dinah.

    Fortunately, Coats caused more pain than damage to him, the guy sure knew how to make his victim suffer without really injuring him. It probably was another advantage of their developed knowledge.

    While the billionaire was getting nursed, the others who were only suffering from minor wounds engaged discussion with Condo and the other aliens.

    Questions began to well up between the humans and their alien mates. Condo and his friends shared knowing glances and looked back to the humans, grim expressions on their faces.

    He cleared his throat and went on. In fact, he even consider her almost as his daughter. He taught her to be emotionless since the very beginning of her life.

    His last words sent shivers through the humans. Why us and not someone else? A heated up iron bar, plunged inside my chest. Only a few inches away from my heart.

    Kryptonians only love themselves so when someone from another race do something, then they think his entire race is exactly like him.

    Minutes of silence passed by. Everyone knew what the other was thinking about but no one knew how to bring up the subject or even wanted to.

    Clearing her throat nervously, Dinah spoke up. I think we should clean our cuts before it gets infected. Fortunately, the others nodded and Bart brought another vase of water to clean the wounds they had gotten from the huge fight an hour earlier.

    They busied themselves in the task, trying to forget what was coming for the next day. His body beginning to heat up seriously in answer to her closeness and she must be feeling the same since Oliver noticed she was breathing heavily and stared intensely into his eyes.

    For a few seconds, the worries, the screams, the other people in the room and this prison just disappeared.

    It was only the two of them. As their lips began to part slightly, ready for the other, the sound of a throat being cleared loudly brought them back to reality.

    Blinking several times, Chloe quickly separated herself from his embrace and looked down as she realized they were about to make out in front of their friends.

    Oliver from his side, scanned his friends and remarked Bart and Bruce smirking at him and sharing an almost amused look. Knowing it was a lost cause for the moment, he walked away to take a peek outside.

    Once again, the deep red sun was shining proudly in the sky. Turning round to see him approach, he smiled sadly to him.

    Oliver shook his head frantically. Oliver exhaled deeply as his gaze went back on Chloe. Maybe tomorrow would be their last day?

    Sighing deeply he sat up and decided to take a little nap. Perhaps it would help him clear his thoughts. In this fucking world, with those fucking bastard of so-called "Kryptonians" and this goddamn red sun, nothing was safe.

    The only he was sure of was that tomorrow, they were going to suffer like hell. This is with those dark thoughts in mind and under the incessant cries coming from the other cells that his eyes closed.

    A strange constant humming was heard. After all, where else could he be? The voice filled his ears once again, causing him to look around in alarm, trying to see if there was anybody.

    From what he was seeing, he could tell he was alone. It was like a giant desert with no one else than himself and emptiness in sight.

    The voice was definitely feminine and he knew it, he was sure he had already heard it before. A new sound was heard, changing the routine of the cries of help that had broken the silence several times already.

    It was a laugh, but not a normal one, no. It sounded more like a cruel one, the kind of laugh a psychopath produces when he plays with his victims.

    A twisted sound which turned your blood cold and made your insides tighten. At this moment, Oliver knew that the woman who was calling for him was in real danger.

    A blonde woman appeared several meters ahead of him, running in his direction. She looked stressed and exhausted, but still beautiful.

    He knew her, he was sure of that! Without another thought, he rushed towards her. In a few seconds she was in his arms.

    His words seemed to sooth her as she tried to chill out and rest a little in the safety of his embrace. Tears were still dropping down from her eyes as she locked sight with him.

    Tess, Hal, Dinah, Bart, even Bruce, all of them! His eyes widened as his brains realized what was happening. He was feeling a headache coming as he focused so hard on her, trying to remember her name.

    Why was it so hard to remember? And what was going on out there? Where were all the cells, the prisoners, and the kryptonians?

    He was holding her while she cried. Letting her wash her fears as tears were escaping her hazel green eyes. Seconds passed by as the woman in his arms began to calm down, her sobs turned to quiet snifflings and he felt her body began to relax under the securing words he had been whispering to her all along.

    Oddly, his words seemed to have the opposite effect as he heard a gasp escaping her lips and felt her wiggle against him, trying to get free from his arms.

    Her yells sounded more and more alarmed by each second. She was looking right behind him, fear evident in her eyes. He turned round and sighted a brunette woman far from them but still, walking to their direction with determination.

    She took his hand and led him to the opposite way, to flee from the imminent threat. Unfortunately, it was already too late.

    All of a sudden, the woman appeared right before them, blocking their path. She fell to the ground, her hands on her stomach, trying to stop the wound from bleeding, her lips open to release a silent cry of pain.

    Knees hitting soil first, Oliver had just had time to catch her before the rest of her body hit the dusty ground. She was staring at him, her eyes wide with panic.

    He could already see that she was leaving. Her lips which looked so pink, so drawing seconds before were now becoming blue as blood began to leave them, her milky skin was becoming even paler, her hair full of the reddish dust that was scattering the ground.

    And life was slowly leaving her eyes. Those beautiful deep green eyes looked less and less animated. He knew those eyes, it was the set of eyes that seemed to be able to make his heart skip a beat whenever they were staring at him with this special gleam inside of them.

    He gritted his teeth in pain and closed his eyes as another headache came to him, he tried to recompose her face in his brain, trying desperately to find her name.

    He was feeling her shudder in his arms as he tried so hard to find her name back. Those eyes, this blonde hair which seemed to catch the light so easily and make her look like an angel.

    This beautiful face reflecting innocence, he knew all of that. His eyes snapped open as he finally found her name.

    It was Chloe right there, right between his arms, bleeding to death. It was already too late, the inevitable was only seconds away now and there was nothing he could do to save her.

    He could see she was fighting for life but it was a lost cause. The pool of blood beneath them was proof of that. She had already lost too much blood.

    Her eyelids were heavy as she tried to keep her eyes open. Her hands had now left her wound and were gripping his forearms.

    He could see her using her last strengths to lift herself a little, leaning into him and try to murmur something to him. Life leaving her, she closed her eyes and let her last breath come out.

    Her body fell back lifeless in his arms. He could feel his hot tears escaping his eyes as he hugged her body and let his emotions speak for himself.

    As his sobs were rocking her now dead form, he could feel anger and hate bubbling inside of him. I was sure it would be fun.

    Her words triggered something inside of him, she had killed his friends, his brother, and Chloe. All she had to say was that it was fun?

    He remembered now, it was Alia the heartless murderer from the cafeteria. Hoping to crush her to the ground and beat her to the death.

    After all, that was what she deserved. Instead of that, he felt the metal of her sword cutting deep in his own flesh, making him fall half dead on his knees.

    It was a nightmare. He had been dreaming, nothing more. He needed to make sure it was just a dream. Where were his friends?

    He had to see if they were okay. His fears were pushed back as a small hand was placed slightly on his neck, making him jump with surprise.

    He turned his head slightly and saw her. She was here, she was all right, and she was now staring at him once again with those big green eyes filled with concern, shinning with life.

    Without thinking about it, he hugged her. As tightly as he could, hoping she would never leave him. In fact, she seemed to relax slightly in their embrace.

    Several deep breaths were necessary for him to come back to a normal heart-beat state. Seeing her die had hurt him more than he would admit to himself, thank god it was just a dream but what if it happened for real?

    What if his dream had been somewhat a premonition of what was to come? He would protect her, her and their friends.

    All of them, no matter what. Knowing how the situation could turn because of his closeness to her, Chloe walked a few steps back and smiled brightly at him.

    He needed some time to himself to think. Oliver watched her leave, his fingers on the place where her lips kissed his skin.

    It only had strengthened his resolve. Nothing was going to happen to her, he promised to himself. Then again, his thoughts turned to his dream.

    He had been dreaming that Chloe was in danger, the woman… Well who was she to him? Was it really friendship between them?

    Oliver was sure there was something more between him and the blonde reporter but what was it? Was it physical attraction? Well he would surprise himself if he was falling in love so quickly with a woman he barely knew.

    He never let any strangers come too close to him because becoming attached to someone would only end up hurting him further than he already was.

    His usual confident personality was just an image he put on to prevent people from truly seeing him, him and his shattered heart.

    Yet, he felt like he should be with Chloe. It was an odd feeling and it was the first time he was experiencing that. Something inside of him told him he could trust Chloe with his life, that she would do anything for him like he would for her.

    It was like he was told that she was who he was destined to be with, that she was the only one worth to share his life.

    And it was what he was feeling at the moment. What if Zod came back in time? A time where he and Chloe were together and where he knew all of the people that where in this cell with him.

    Would it be possible? He chuckled as he realized how twisted his thoughts were. That sounded so unrealistic and crazy.

    This little blonde was driving him crazy. Maybe it was fate, maybe it was lust, or even love, maybe all of that! But at least he knew that there was something between them that he was willing to discover.

    His musings were broken as he heard a far laugh from outside the cell. That laugh… His blood turned cold as he recognized that laugh.

    It was the same that he heard in his dream, the psychopathic one. The laugh Alia was producing when she was chasing Chloe in his dream and the same one that he heard when she killed Chloe and himself.

    Was it possible that he was still dreaming? Or was the dream happening now? It filled his ears with a dreading overwhelming feeling of powerlessness.

    He was sure he had just seen her figure, right before him.

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